Kronos ice creams

Kronos ice creams

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The company Ice Creams KRONOS is active in the retail sales of ice cream since 1929.

Ever since it has grown its gamut of ice cream flavors and has been also been involved in wholesale sales of ice cream as well as catering services for events such as weddings, parties, christenings et al.

The history of the company begins in 1929. Two brothers, George and Dimitris Theofanidis, immigrants from Trabzon to Batumi of Georgia, at the late '20s come to Athens and founded the "ICE FACTORY KRONOS". From Harilaou Trikoupi distribute ice cream to homes and shops with two carts until 1929, when they move permanently to the island at street Philipou Argenti 2. KRONOS consolidated on the island with three flavors (chocolate, vanilla, praline) and becomes a reference point for locals and passersby.

The unique and distinctive ice cream recipe passed down from generation to generation in 1971 when the reins of the business undertaken by the brothers Theophanes and Theodore, sons of George Theofanidis. Faithful to the way of production and with respect to the quality of raw materials expanded the company, created new delicious flavors and carved a successful career, which recognition brought the award of Chamber of Chios for her contribution to the utilization of local raw materials and production quality and unique products.

Today the third generation, George Theofanidis continues based on practices that have always followed the company's founders.

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