Volissos Chios


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Volissos is the largest village in northwestern Chios. It is the capital of the Municipality of Amani and it is distant 40 km from the Town. Volissos is a village with a long history: according to Thucydides is an old town and rumored as the birthplace of Homer. At the top of the village stands the castle, a defensive fort dating back to medieval times which is said to have been built by Belisarius, general of Justinian. The castle has a trapezoid shape and in it there were buildings, cisterns and churches, while the castle had a tunnel that connected it with the shore. Today it is illuminated with spotlights, giving a color of mystery and magnificence. The characteristics are the narrow streets, the old houses, the stone mansions that make the place quite picturesque. The village has windmills (some ruins of which) and Byzantine churches (a temple dedicated to the "Transfiguration" and a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary). In addition Volissos has taverns, accommodation, bakery (famous for the bread), pharmacy, ATM etc and the valley with olive groves is essential for the island as it offers the ¼ of the whole production of olive oil.


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