Kardamila Chios


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Kardamila are in a distance of 28 km from Chios to the North. The name describes a place in plural and the reason for that is that they are two villages. The upper that are called “Ano Kardamila” and the other that is a bit further down “Marmaro”, closer to the sea. Ano Kardamila is the old village that lies on a steep hill "Vouno tis Grias" (mountain of the old woman). The village is characterized by its traditional architecture, narrow streets, Macadam streets and the houses which are built mainly of stone. In Kardamila live about 2000 people in both villages. The old Kardamila is described by Thucydides. The lower village is called Marmaro and is located 2 km from the upper village. Marmaro is located in the inner part of the beach is protected from the small islet called Island. Many beautiful mansions are built by sailors and ship owners who have origins in Kardamila. Distinctive point of Marmaro is the statue of the sailor οf Kardamila, created by sculptor Aparti, located in the square of the harbor. walking through the narrow streets of Marmaro is an enjoyable experience that makes someone feel the typical atmosphere of the island of Chios. Beyond the beautiful beaches of Nagos and Giosonas where someone can find rooms, taverns offering seafood and a beach bar, visitors can also see the ancient settlement Spilia, the church of St. Nicholas, as well as other small churches raised by funding of the families of sailors.

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