Vrontados Chios


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Vrontados is a coastal town located among trees, gardens and many fruit trees in particular it is located in the north of Livadia (a northern suburb of the City of Chios), four kilometers northern of the town of Chios and in the East of the mountain Epos. Its population is 4500 people many of whom are very good sailors, merchants and scientists. According to the tradition, Christopher Columbus visited Vrontados to study nautical charts and information from experienced local sailors that could help him on the great journey to the discovery of America. It deserves to admire the windmills at the coastal area of Vrontados.

They are overlooking the beach as well as the folklore museum of the Vrontados Progressive Group. A bit farther of the harbor Vrondados is the Stone of Homer. Accommodations, cafes, bars and taverns are available at Vrondados, as well as some fine beaches.

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