Kampos Chios


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Kampos, one of the most beautiful areas of the island is a wooded area in the south of the city and mainly covered by citrus orchards. Groundwater in the region, originated from the surrounding mountains make Kampos a vast orangery. The area was chosen not only by the Genoese to built their villas in the 14th century but also by the local aristocrats in later years (The Ralis, the Argentis, the Petrokokkinos, the Kalvokoresis etc.) creating a new socio-economic network. Tall thimiana-stone walls protect any property from dust, wind and cold. The gardens were watered by wells with mangle previously turned by animals, while now the irrigation is made with more modern means. Elaborate cisterns adorned with marble reliefs and hydrants; occupy a prominent place in the yards. Shady paths, blooming gardens and creeper jasmine create a unique environment. The houses with two to three floors rise imposingly above the tops of the trees, to ensure panoramic views of their masters alongside the control of the estate. Internal and external staircases are tied to the complex to perform operational purposes. Arched doorways and windows, arcades marble pillars, balconies supported by small arches and huge gates with escutcheons and various reliefs, pebbled courtyards and frescoed ceilings lend a peculiarity in separate local architectural style of the area, a result of local conditions.

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