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Museum of Citrus fruit “Citrus”

Museum of Citrus fruit “Citrus”

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Citrus memories is a museum where documents and historical elements of local citrus fruits are presented. It constitutes a dynamic space for exhibitions in the ground floor of an estate where the visitor can be informed about:

-the cultivation of citrus fruits every season of the year, the agricultural tools and the production methods used, the varieties and the properties that make tangerines and other citrus fruits so special.

-the society and people who constituted the main factor for the development of the unique myth of Chian tangerines. Τhe Genoese and the merchants who spread the fruits in foreign markets, the farmers, the caretakers and of course the landlords of the Kambos area.

-the export methods elaborated from the beginnings of the 15th century towards Istanbul and Izmir. Τhe unique individual papering of fruits and the export channels that made citrus fruits a luxury product in the European markets until the end of the 20th century. · the extended area of Kambos with its unique estates and the high protective walls, the orchards, the wells and its characteristics which have a unique architectural interest.

-the history of the area through a 23-minute film where local farmers describe the evolution and decline of the citrus fruits trade.

Designed By Michalis Simiakakis