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Korais Library

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The Korais Library and Argenti Museum are found in the same area at the Korais Street in the center of the island next to the cathedral at the end of the south side of the street Aplotarias. The Library of Adamantios Korais is one of the largest libraries in Greece with a collection of 250,000 volumes.

It was created in 1792 as part of the Great School of Chios. The first books were donations of Adamantios Korais and of his friends, who were basically Greeks, living abroad. Today the Library of Adamantios Korais as the Central Public Historical Library and under the Ministry of Education Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs provide the public to have access to a rich collection of manuscripts, books, rare publications and documents.

It has two borrowing sectors- one at the central building and one at the port- and two book borrowing cars allowing access to those individuals who cannot visit it. In the Library and specifically on the second floor the Ethnological Museum and Folklore Argenti is housed.

The museum contains a remarkable collection of costumes and embroideries from many different villages. Textiles, tools, utensils, the engravings, tables, portraits of rulers and various woodwork objects helps the visitor to discover the daily life of Chian during the 17th - 19th centuries.

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