Mostra Chios


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Mostra of Thimiana is a custom which revives at Thimiana and comes from the Middle Ages without knowing exactly when. On a Friday of Shrovetide the villagers were attacked by pirates in order to get the mastic, the residents having been informed of the invasion into their village by Viglatoras (watch-boy), they took up arms and defeated the pirates. After the battle they hung the pirates, and showed off in the central square of the village.

 Since then every year on Friday of Shrovetide they revive their victory against pirates dressed in traditional clothes and cover their faces with handmade masks. On Sunday they gather in the central square of the village and dance the traditional Talimi, this dance is an accurate representation of the battle that the villagers gave with the pirates at that time. Then after the dance, accompanied with musical instruments, they sing the war song and directed towards the central church of Saint Efstratios where they tie Chian banners and flags on the bars round the church. Nowadays the event has been enriched with more modern disguises and the program includes floats which satirize the everyday life of the Greek citizen.

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