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The island of mastic

Chios the fragrant brags about its story and the perfect climate, the one and only and the numerous beaches with their light blue waters, with villages built on hills or steep rocks, all of them full of tastes and fragrances of mastic and fresh air. In that way Chios becomes a destination and achieves a special place in the heart of each visitor. Each and every person who visits Chios reassures that Chians know how to spend their lives.

Of course no one leaves the island without knowing their return dates!

Impressions about the island…

If you haven’t been there the name “Fragrant” seems extravagant! The reality explains everything: name and every single thing said about this island… Even the North Chios is magisterial, with Volissos and Anavatos seem like “ Mystras” of Aegean Sea.

Maria K.


Chios... Beautiful island, wild and stately. Beautiful routes, bluegreen crystal waters, beautiful beaches and each with its own special beauty. Have you ever been in Chios at Easter? Drive up Aepos Mountain to see the rocket war between the two churches, a unique custom in whole Greece you will never forget! Chios is there. Waiting for you. You won’t regret it. For me there are only a few years left until I go there to stay forever!

George H.


Chios... A dream that at some point we all need to live. Seductive landscapes and wonderful people in an enchanting combination of tradition and senses! See you in Chios then!

George M.


Chios is the most beautiful island!!! Stately and inviting stands out with its wild beauty, it is a blessed place and that is the reason why Mastic grows only there!

Katerina H.


The most beautiful island in the Aegean Sea, not only for holidays but also for permanent installation. If you meet the locals they make you their friend. They are kind, honest and hardworking, they dance and have fun.

Monica F.

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