Nea Moni Chios

Nea Moni

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Nea Moni is a monument of international importance. The church is the greatest example of the octagonal type of church and it is decorated by mosaics of various kinds. In the Southwest of the ledger is located the altar of the monastery while in the western end of the enclosure we come across with the defensive tower. The cistern in the northwest of the catholic dates back in the 11th century. The rooms should be dated back to the years of Genoese rule but there’s not any Byzantine room left nowadays. The monastery is surrounded by an irregular shape of stone perimeter wall. The founding of the Nea Moni is considered in the 11th century, with a donation of Emperor Constantine I “the Gladiator” and his wife Zoe. In recent years attempts have been made for the restoration of the monument and the conservation of the mosaic into the church. It has been declared by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.

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