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Moni Moundon

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The Monastery Moundon in Diefcha is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and is now abandoned. The church, chapels, monk’s rooms and the domed portico of the entrance are the existing complex of the monastery. The famous story begins in 1574, when it was restored by the monk Jacob Lagadiotis. This was the greatest monastery following Nea Moni. It had an impressive library with a remarkable kind of film-papyrus of 1462 AD which was probably the Testament of the Blessed Matrona of Chiopolitidas.

The frescoes which are preserved until today were painted by an anonymous painter in 1849, as it is shown by the inscription over the main entrance of the temple, inside the church. A particular interest has the fresco at the bottom of the south wall that bears the inscription "The life of true monk." The crucified monk flanked by the depiction of Hell to the left and two different levels: the world and death. The whole figural composition is seriously popular light.

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